KL Mass transit system…

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Submitted my thesis

Yes I’ve already done so earlier this month and am now awaiting my result.

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Looking for WebSphere dudes…

There’s been some movement in my dept. So I’m actively looking for people to join my team. If you know anyone with WebSphere experience (could be either WAS/WPS/ or MQ/MB), do drop me a mail ya.

I can be reached via this email address:
philip.yeo gmail.com


  • provide remote technical presales support to ASEAN and ANZ region
  • maintain operational excellence monthly, quarterly and yearly
  • proactive and always looking for ways to improve services rendered

Other skills looked for are:

  • Good written and spoken skills (English is a MUST)
  • Pleasant outlook
  • Good phone etiquette
  • Resourceful
  • Eager to learn new skills

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Blogging has never been this easy with Flock!

At its heap, Web2.0 enabled tools are taking the web by STORM! More and more people are connected with more and more social networking tools made available.

A favorite pass time of netizens is non other than blogging. And what better way to go about blogging than the new browser on (the blog!), than flock itself….

Flock calls themselves the social browser and there’s a reason for that. It has very tighter integration with popular social networking sites like, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter.

On another plus note it maintains most of the cool features of Firefox as its actually a sort of Firefox cousin. So you have the ability to do tab browsing, addon features, ctrl+ for enlarging text and ctrl- for decreasing text size and easy blogging with web clipboard and built-in API connectivity to popular blog providers like wordpress, blogspot, and etc…

So what are you waiting, quick go get a flock and be a flockstar yourself…

Get Flocked

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Tmnet streamyx SUX!

I’m sure those who life-line is like an IV drip to broadband connectivity would agree with me that having a continuous Internet connectivity is essential to get through the day no matter.

I’ve been without staple broadband connectivity diet for the pass 5 days… and all thanks to the UN-professionalism and bad service (technical and also helpdesk) of non other than Malaysia’s so called leading telco company, TMNET for their streamyx product.

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Forbidden Kingdom – Much anticipated kungfu movie of 2008

Finally, they paired. Jackie Chan and Jet Li will be starring in the much anticipated movie, The Forbidden Kingdom.

Unfortunately, as of now, there aren’t any official website released yet. The only available trailer is in yahoo movies webpage -> click me!

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Bubble Video

Here’s an interesting vid on the Tech bubble you should watch.

Embedded Video

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